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We’re a small company with a passion to provide an all-natural alternative to skincare and haircare products

Our Story

3 syllables, pronounced [a-si-li, as-ili] | Origin: Swahili

If you look up the word Asili, you will find that it is a Swahili word meaning nucleus, origin, or birth. You may find that Asili also means root, or, the source of something.

Asili Natural Skincare proudly offers handcrafted skincare products made with all natural, 100% non-GMO ingredients. For centuries, those before us have turned to nature to heal their skincare needs.  We believe it’s time we return back to the basics and share our products with the rest of the world!

Asili Natural Skincare was birthed through the adversity of a lupus diagnosis. The products that resulted from this journey provided relief, a newfound passion, and the strength to fight this mysterious disease.

10% of all proceeds of items marked with the lupus awareness ribbon will be donated to the Atlanta Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America to help fund the research to find a cure to this devastating disease.

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