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Asili Natural Skincare was birthed through the adversity of my lupus diagnosis. The products that resulted from this journey provided me with relief, a newfound passion, and the strength to fight this mysterious disease.

When 2017 began, I never anticipated developing lupus. In just a few months my own body had turned into my worst enemy. At 25, I found myself bedridden and unable to complete the simplest tasks without assistance. Suddenly, my world became one full of doctor and hospital visits, blood work, CT scans, steroids, fevers, and excruciating pain. How did this happen? Why was this happening?

It started with one small lesion on my scalp. Then, I began to develop random rashes and a mysterious purple spot appeared on my cheek. I would later learn that the spot was the beginning of lupus’ signature butterfly rash. Initially, I brushed it off and continued with normal life. When I started developing several more lesions on my scalp, I decided it was time to visit a dermatologist. After multiple biopsies, I was diagnosed with discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE), a chronic skin condition of sores with inflammation and scarring favoring the face, ears, and scalp and at times on other body areas.
Within weeks my lupus diagnosis evolved into systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) – this only happens to about 10% of the 5 million people living with lupus. This means that in addition to skin inflammation, my lupus symptoms could also affect the joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart, and lungs.

For me, apart from the joint pain and restrictiveness of performing the most basic daily tasks, the most challenging symptom was the effect that lupus had on skin. It seemed as though my skin lost all moisture and elasticity and was now working against my body. My skin refused to move with me which resulted in skin tiny tears all over my body. The prescription steroid creams and ointments I was given provided no relief and often times burned when applied. Desperate for relief, I raided the pharmacy. I tried several oils, lotions, serums, and topical creams that claimed to provide relief for cracked, dry skin. Unfortunately, my quest for any relief was unsuccessful.

Frustrated, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I would create my own solutions. I began to research natural ingredients that would provide the moisture and healing properties that my skin so desperately needed. Thus began my journey to create skincare products that were made from all natural ingredients.

Through my battle with lupus, I have learned a lot about myself as well as life in general. I have made several positive lifestyle changes and see the world in a whole new light. Fighting this awful disease has given me a strength I had no idea I possessed. It has given me a voice to raise lupus awareness and also help educate others on the importance of skincare –  lupus related or not.

Every day I get to witness how my products impact those closest to me. Now, I am ready to share it with you and those closest to you. Enjoy!

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